Searching for a Property

Searching for a Property

  • The Lederer Team
  • 01/25/22
Each of our customers has different criteria and standards for their property searches. Some customers are looking for a home while others are looking for investments. In our initial meeting, we will establish the criteria and standards that fit your needs. Then we have several different search tools and techniques that save you time while making sure you don't miss any opportunities.
Through our initial meeting and in just a couple of times seeing homes together we can become your personal property shoppers. More than 75% of the time we end up identifying our customer’s purchases before they do. Our attention to detail and hands-on service saves our customers valuable search time.

Learning About You

Learning what you are looking for is our first step. We have an initial buyer questionnaire that we ask all of our customers when we first meet. We listen to your needs and ask lots of questions to figure out what your desires are. This helps us to establish what your criteria and standards are.

Explore Neighborhoods

Once we know what your needs are we establish which Bay Area neighborhoods best fit your needs. Using our vast knowledge of the Bay Area, we explore the different pricing and opportunities that each of these neighborhoods provides.

We View Properties Together

We like to take our buyers out once a week to see property (if it is available). Physically looking at property together gives us a better vision of what you are looking for. This also gives our buyers time to explore a property in peace without all the pressure of a public open house.

We recommend that our buyers see a property 2-3 times before writing an offer if possible. Making sure that a home fits all your needs is a must. Experiencing the light, space, and feeling of a property can only be done in person.

We Preview Property for Our Customers

We go on broker’s tours 2 times a week. This gives us the opportunity to preview the property for our customers and eliminate any property that does not fit their criteria. This saves our customers the unwanted cost of viewing a property that does not fit their criteria. We specifically see targeted properties on a tour that fit our customer’s locations, criteria, and standards.

Daily E-mail Updates

Our online software is always scouring the MLS to deliver you properties that fit your specific criteria and standards. Just sign up for free online and receive all the new property updates as soon as they hit the MLS.
When you see a property you like, then just click reply and ask us to add it to the list of properties we will see together that week. Set Up Daily E-mail Updates.

Search the MLS Yourself

We provide free services for searching the MLS on our website. Search for a home via google Maps, city name, zip code, or MLS number. Our search options allow you to search the MLS like a professional. Find something you like? Just shoot us an e-mail and we will set up to show you the property in person. Search The MLS

Sunday Public Open Houses

We provide our buyers with a stack of our business cards. This way they can visit the public Sunday Open House on their own without being bothered by agents that are holding the open homes. They can pass our card to the agent holding the open house and make requests for disclosure packages and more information.

Work With Us

We provide essential real estate and financial guidance to Bay Area homeowners and real property investors. Our commitment is to provide valuable services, philosophy, research, data and opinions to assist these ambitious Bay Area property owners.

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