How We Are Paid

How We Are Paid

  • The Lederer Team
  • 01/24/22
We are solely compensated for your real estate transaction. We receive no kickbacks or fees from the concierge, financial planning, mortgage banking, insurance planning, or estate planning services. Our pay is structured so that our incentive is to provide you with the best fundamental services, instead of lining our pockets with fees.
Our team generates revenue through real estate commissions, which are received only after we complete your transaction. Thus, we are only compensated when all of our customer's needs have been satisfied and the ownership of the property has been transferred.
What are typical Real Estate commissions? Commissions in the Bay Area are paid by the seller at the close of escrow. The typical market rate for commissions is 5%-6% of the value of the sale. Out of the total 5%-6% commission, half is paid to the seller's agent and half is paid to the buyer's agent upon the close of escrow.
What do we charge sellers for our services? We have found that all our sellers have different homes and live in different situations. Thus, we offer many different levels of service to our sellers. We base the cost of our services on the strategy our specific seller needs. Our sales commissions do not exceed the typical market rate of 6%. This way we can cater the cost of your next transaction to your specific needs while maximizing your proceeds. Use the menu to the right and explore the different services we provide our sellers.
What do we charge buyers for our services? We receive no commissions or fees from our buyers. All commissions we earn for helping buyers purchase property are paid out of the listing agent's commissions. It is our policy to show buyers property regardless of the individual commissions being offered by sellers. See a list of the services we provide buyers to the right.

How Are Our Team of Experts Paid?

Concierge Service - Our customers receive free coordination of their real estate repairs and maintenance needs.
Financial Planning - Financial planning is essential to a smooth transaction. Our customers get access to a financial planner at no extra charge. This helps our clients to develop, maintain and improve their financial plan as they buy, sell and own.
Mortgage - Our mortgage banker is paid only when you purchase a loan. Thus, they deliver the best rates, fastest closings, and best conditions in the business. Our mortgage bankers are paid market rates for their services (approximately 1% of the value of the loan).
Our customers get free access to mortgage banking advice. Our mortgage banker dispenses advice that is grounded in your financial plan. This means our mortgage experts will help you to navigate all the different mortgage products to make sure your mortgage situation is coherent with your financial plan.
Our customers also receive free mortgage tracking. Our mortgage advisors have software that continuously watches the rise and fall of interest rates in the context of your financial plan. This means you will not miss an opportunity to refinance if it is coherent with your plan.
Insurance - Our insurance advisor is only paid if you buy a policy through our service. Thus we make sure our insurance advisor offers the most extensive coverage at the best price in the industry.
Our customers receive a free insurance estimate that is grounded in our philosophy of getting adequate coverage while minimizing cost. Our insurance expert accomplishes this by consolidating your property, auto, life, and umbrella policies.
Estate Planning - New trusts & wills are produced for a set fee. Trust & will revisions/amendments are made on an hourly basis.
Our customers receive a free initial consultation with our estate attorney who can advise on your current plan or help to develop a new plan.

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