Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

  • The Lederer Team
  • 01/24/22
We acknowledge and accept the fundamental facts about real estate that all property owners cannot avoid. We make sure that all our customers have superior help when taking care of these concerns. Below is a list of the 6 fundamental and unavoidable real estate concerns all buyers, sellers, and owners share:
  1. People look to maximize their property values and profits.
  2. The real property produces unavoidable maintenance & repairs.
  3. People face taxes, retirement, and lifestyle costs in addition to the costs of real property.
  4. Leverage has a direct effect on an individual’s ultimate strategic plan.
  5. Property ownership produces insurance risks.
  6. Property ownership creates legacy concerns.
If owners ignore any of these fundamental concerns they may eventually face unavoidable consequences. Thus, we offer services that help our buyers, sellers, and owners maximize their real estate returns while avoiding lifestyle breakdowns.
Our customers first meet with us (Katie and Mark) to identify their specific concerns and what areas of help they need. Then we coordinate the communication between different experts to make sure your real estate plan is comprehensive. Are you looking for a superior buying, selling, or ownership strategy?

How Is Our Philosophy Different?

The typical offer being made in real estate is what we declare a transactional offer. This common marketplace offer has and will continue to produce breakdowns for customers. In a transactional offer Realtors®, mortgage brokers, and insurance salesmen sell products and services without regard for how one concern or obligations might affect another. It is as if each salesperson is isolated and only understands their specific domain.

Our approach is integrated and comprehensive. As your real estate advisor, we synthesize the different advice you receive. Thus, our customers get a comprehensive strategy for buying, selling, and owning that is superior to that of other individual providers. Our team has the knowledge to work across their individual areas of expertise to make sure that your approach is cohesive. Each of our customers receives a unique strategy that takes care of their specific situation.

Since we have no financial stake in our expert's products or services, we only provide experts that give you a competitive advantage when buying and selling property.

What Value Does Our Philosophy Add?

Our cohesive philosophy means increased value for our customers when they buy, sell and own real estate. Our integration helps our customers to avoid costly future breakdowns in maintenance, finance, mortgage, insurance, and legacy. Since all of our experts are directly coordinating with each other our customers spend less money getting the products and services they need for a successful transaction. Below is a list of free services our customers receive:
Concierge Service - Our customers receive free coordination of their real estate repairs and maintenance needs.

Financial Planning - Our customers get free access to our financial planner. This helps our clients to develop, maintain and improve their financial plan as they buy, sell and own.

Mortgage - Our customers get free access to mortgage banking advice. Our mortgage service dispenses advice that is grounded in your financial plan. This means our mortgage experts will help you to navigate all the different mortgage products to make sure your mortgage situation is coherent with your financial plan.

Our customers also receive free mortgage tracking. Our mortgage advisors have software that continuously watches the rise and fall of interest rates in the context of your financial plan. This means you will not miss an opportunity to refinance if it is coherent with your plan.

Insurance - Our customers receive a free insurance plan that assesses all their insurance needs. This allows for a reduction in your total insurance cost by consolidating your property, auto, life, and umbrella policies.

Estate Planning - Our customers receive a free initial consultation with our estate attorney who can advise you on your current plan or help you to develop a new plan.
As our lives change and our situations change, our plans need to be updated to take care of new specific concerns. Our experts are always just a phone call away to help you recalibrate your plan. After your specific transaction is over we continue to provide free real estate, financial, mortgage, and insurance advice to all our customers. We also provide the free coordination of upgrades, remodels, and repairs for our customers through our concierge service.

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We provide essential real estate and financial guidance to Bay Area homeowners and real property investors. Our commitment is to provide valuable services, philosophy, research, data and opinions to assist these ambitious Bay Area property owners.

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