What does our Concierge service provide?
We listen to your concerns and only provide contractors, architects, designers and engineers that specialize in the work you need. We check and verify contractor references to make sure they have produced satisfaction with their past work. We can produce several written bids to check pricing and scope of the work needed. We check contractor availability and help coordinate dates and times that are inline with your needs. We provide advice and guidance on which improvements are coherent with your properties investment strategy. What is the cost verses the value of your home improvements? ​​​​​​ Upon completion of the project we verify and coordinate with the contractor to assure fulfillment and satisfaction with the work.
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None of us ever have enough time to do it all.

We understand that all our customers have there own careers, jobs, families and lives. Thus, we decided to make an offer that would save our customers time, energy and money when managing their property obligations. Our concierge is a free service for all our customers.

When it comes to successful home renovation projects, choosing the right contractor for the job is an essential first step. Whether you're upgrading, remodeling or developing your property, we are here to help you find and coordinate your next project.

Over the years we have amassed a powerful network of the areas best ancillary providers. We can make sure that the price and quality of your next project is in line with your wants and needs.
We get the best help and pricing, because our contractors know that unless they satisfy our customers they will not receive future work from us. Thus, we help our customers to produce superior quality work at discounted prices.

Contact us via phone or through our 24 hour online concierge (to the right) to get help with the coordination of your next project.


Do you wonder how much your improvements will increase your property's value?

We are constantly helping property owners assess the value of making capital improvements. Please Contact us and we can help you assess the value of your next improvement project. As a courtesy for our customers we also provide a free Cost Vs. Value report that is produced by Remodeling magazine.

Many of our contractors have provided services for us for many years, but we can’t guarantee the work that our contractors produce. People change. If you have a problem with one of our contractors then contact us and let us know. This will help us to make decisions about future referrals. It is also our recommendation that all our customers ask anyone who is performing work on their property to prove that they are licensed, bonded and insured.

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